Young people explore concept of identity at Selfies Showcase in Edinburgh

Mon 10th April 2017

An exhibition of young people’s experimental photography focusing on the concept of identity went on show to the public at Edinburgh’s 6VT Youth Café last week.

Selfies Showcase gathered together work by young people taking part on a 6-week Impact Arts project.

The exhibition celebrated self-identity through photography and digital manipulation, with the work playing with shadows, reflections, silhouettes and masquerade to explore how we relate to ourselves.

The participants also had the chance to work with our artist-in-residence Stella Phipps on drawings, collages, face-painting and gifs, and they relished the chance to indulge their imaginations while picking up new artistic techniques.

“The project was brill,” said Izzi, a student who wove his interest in football, rugby and boxing into his work.

“I enjoyed learning Photoshop the most and I’ll continue to use it to explore my interests of sport.”

As part of our work with young people, Impact Arts can deliver short-term projects in partnership with local youth organisations. If you are interested, please contact Dianne Miller on 0141 575 3002 or email [email protected].

For more about Impact Arts’ creative programmes for young people, please visit the young people’s section of our website.

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