Wind in the Withies

Thu 04th August 2016

park1 withies

This week the group visited a local park and surveyed different areas of planting. They chanced upon an excellent example of a community growing project run by Glasgow City Council’s `Mental Health Department’ situated within the park. This was a great opportunity to look at how they had created their poly-tunnels and herb garden and to consider the possible issues, such as vandalism that they had encountered.

Back in the workshop the group started working with Willow `Withies’ with the help of Mo, a visiting project assistant. The group created climbing frames for planting on our pea seedlings into tubs, as well as propagating Strawberry runners and saving the lives of some Lavender and Geranium plants found on the discount shelves at B&Q. Further to this they have been thinking about and discussing environmental issues around corporate food production and local food security which somehow led to interesting and wide-reaching questions such as “I wonder what dinosaurs tasted like?”…

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