Creative outdoor play is crucial for health & wellbeing

Children’s exercise and time outdoors was in serious decline ahead of the pandemic and is being further jeopardized as a result.

Nature based education and learning is proven to increase physical activity levels, and decrease sedentary time, as well as improve balance, self-regulation, connection to nature and play interactions. Creative outdoor play is crucial for health & wellbeing, happiness and promoting physical activity.

 “I enjoyed all sessions and activities but one of my favourite was when I made a portrait of my mum using sticks, stones and leaves. I will definitely make another one this weekend.”

Case Study: Ann's Story Image

Case Study: Ann’s Story

Creative Play

Ann is 8 years old and suffers from chronic insomnia. She struggled with her wellbeing due to a hearing impairment, and had felt anxious about making new friends.

Baseline Review

Her mum hoped the creative play sessions would help her calm down as she is hyperactive and easily distracted. As Ann finds it difficult to make new friends, her mum thought Creative Play sessions would be a great opportunity for her to engage with other children and to build her confidence and self-esteem.

Outdoor Play

Ann was initially shy with other children and lacked confidence in making friends – but was very keen to try and desperate to be included. The course introduced Ann to the amazing world of nature and a new concept of creative, outdoor play in a form she had not experienced before. Ann came regularly and picked up new outdoorsy skills – like knot tying, and measuring a tree’s height.



Growth through creativity

Ann gained confidence and independence whilst developing interpersonal and creative skills on the Creative Play programme.  The sessions had an incredible impact on Ann, who was deeply engaged in all activities from storytelling to building a raft; from making 3D birds to creating Forest Land Art. Through participation in Creative Play, Ann made new friends to play with during school intervals.

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