Environmental Impact Explored Through Creativity

Impact Arts actively promotes the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and minimises environmental impacts in all of our operations, projects and buildings. 

We are members of Creative Carbon Scotland’s Green Arts Initiative and our work fully complies with all applicable environmental legislation and requirements, including Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2014.

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How We Do it

With a specific, key focus on the environment since 2014, Impact Arts’ creative employability programmes engaged 618 young people aged 16-25 years old in activities that:

  • increase awareness of nature
  • support biodiversity, and protection of habitats 
  • increase access to greenspaces 
  • improve local greenspaces/community gardens for local communities
  • increase understanding of young people’s role in protection and development of greenspace
  • give young people a voice and empower them to speak up about nature and the alignment with the Climate Change crisis
  • deliver qualifications embedded in learning within the natural environment

Of those young people, we supported 493 to progress on to positive destinations (education, training, or employment) – many of these related to circular economy, green economy, landscaping or green construction careers and nearly 400 accreditations.

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