We develop and deliver commissioned projects which help our partners fulfil their aims

Impact Arts has a strong ethos of partnership working in collaboration with a variety of partners including other Third Sector organisations, Local and National Government, Prisons and Housing Associations. We develop and deliver commissioned projects which help our partners fulfil their aims and target social challenges.

Each and every project is totally individual and tailored to local requirements.

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Public Art Commissions

Each and every public art project we deliver is totally individual and tailored to local requirements. Impact Arts’ approach is to ensure the voice of the local community is at the heart of every public artwork. By connecting artists with communities we support the creation of artworks that are true collaborations and reflective of their  shared wishes and themes.

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Community Consultation

The arts are a powerful tool for engagement. They offer a fun and vibrant way of bringing people into conversations including those whose voices are often not heard. Impact Arts use a fun and creative approach to community consultation, supporting people to have the confidence to truly find their own voice, to understand their rights and responsibilities and to feel empowered on key decisions and matters of importance.

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Placemaking & Regeneration

Using an artist-led co-design process to support place making, we work in partnership with housing providers, community organisations, local authorities, regeneration partnerships, architects and developers to ensure that local people’s voices are at the heart of shaping their communities.

We support communities to visualise and realise what they want for their local area and to ensure a representative community voice is heard. From small scale public artworks to arts masterplans for large areas undergoing development and regeneration, we ensure that local communities’ voices are heard.

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Connecting Communities

The arts and creative engagement are fun and effective ways to strengthen local community connections.

Bringing communities together to celebrate creative interpretations of shared heritage, organising local community events that bring young and old together and artists creating public art that instils pride and ownership of communities are just some of the way Impact Arts creates and celebrates local community connections.


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