We work with those often seen as the most vulnerable within society

Our ability to think and deliver creatively has ensured we are able to transfrom lives by reaching out to those who are undersupported and underrepresented. We aim to help in the following areas:

  • Utilising creative engagement to increase access to qualifications and progression opportunities.

  • Stimulating creative activities that actively encourage positive behaviour change to support emotional and mental wellbeing. 

  • We place creativity at the heart of education and believe in its transformative powers to impact attainment outcomes.

  • We know that having a home is often the first step to other positive progressions, whether that is a job, better family relationships or money management

  • We help participants to gain a sense of purpose, have a voice, reconnect with families and start to think more positively about future life choices.

  • We run Creative Play sessions in local communities, engaging primary school aged children in creative outdoor pursuits which instil a love of playing outside.

  • Impact Arts actively promotes the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and minimises environmental impacts in all of our operations, projects and buildings. 

  • We develop and deliver commissioned projects which create a sense of place and ensure local voices are heard on matters of importance.

  • We are committed to developing the creative engagement sector ensuring that every Scottish community can benefit from the power of creativity.