Week One – Plans and Planters

Tue 05th July 2016

planters planters2

The first week of the Creative Pathways Environmental Design project, part of Our Bright Future, has been amazingly energetic, with our group of 13 young people arriving early each day, full of enthusiasm and keen to get their hands dirty!

Their first task was learning to plant seeds and cuttings, followed by some upcycling of the tatty planters in the office driveway. Those have been given a new lease of life with a coat of paint and some recycled bottle-top decoration. This got the young people thinking about waste materials as a resource for artistic mediums.

They also restored an old composter in the driveway back to its former glory, ready to serve its original purpose and as a group, have shown no shortage of the exuberant will to create!

The young people have started work on their project sketch books for their art portfolios and have been researching inspiring ideas online for arts installations in the Bridgeton greenspace. With two spaces left on the programme, we’re looking forward to new young people joining, along with Calvin, our fantastic new project assistant!

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