Watch: Amazing animations from last month’s exhibition in Paisley!

Tue 03rd July 2018

In June 2018, a group of young creatives from across Renfrewshire held a very successful showcase of short animations they made as part of Impact Arts Advanced Creative Pathways programme.

For those who were unable to make it, we’re delighted now to be able to show you this weird and wonderful work. The group – aged 16-20 – worked incredibly hard on these final animations, featuring everything from a fox who loves sushi and a robot babysitter, to stories from Norse mythology and investigations into societal issues. Watch them below!

A Fox’s Tale by Ellie Finnie

Ellie: “My animation is about a young fox who really loves sushi and eats it everyday. I wanted to make something fun and easy to watch – especially for a younger audience.”

Grab a Slice by Caitlin McKay

Caitlin: “I thought about the idea when eating my dinner! It was a lengthy process – I used papier mache, playdough, paint and wood and took over 700 photographs to create it.”

IF by William McGunnigle

William: “I wanted to make everyone more aware of different mental health issues people face day-to-day – sometimes we forget there are people worse off that could use our help.”

Robot Babysitting by Shelby Davidson and Kimberley McKay

Shelby and Kimberley: “Our animation was based on a story Kimberley wrote at primary school, featuring a babysitting robot. We created the sets, characters and storyboard, using stop motion and taking over 300 photos.”

The Legend of Ragnarok by Callum MacMillan and Rachel McGregor

Callum and Rachel: “All we had to do was draw over 100 key frames, make an ancient scroll written in Nordic runes, voice record a narration, add sound effects, animate all these together and make props for the exhibition… in 7 weeks!”

Chicken Shop by Iona Birss

Iona: “I’m originally from London where we have chicken shops on every corner – but in Scotland there’s none. I wanted to make something humorous, exaggerating the lengths people go to get their favourite food.”

The Advanced Creative Pathways aims to give young people who are currently out of work a start in the creative industries, by passing on skills in digital media while offering the opportunity to complete placements in community arts. It is funded by Invest in Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire Council and the European Social Fund.

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