Waiting for God, Making a Short Film

Sat 22nd July 2017

Waiting for God Script Front Page

Waiting for God, a short film created by the Ayrshire performance and film group. Having created their first script in the previous week, exploring characters and storylines through various workshop sessions, the groups spent the morning planning the story, costumes and scenes.

Costume ideas had to closely resonate with the actors and help enable their storytelling by bringing their characters to life, the local shops and charity shops were rummaged for the perfect finds! Given that the Kyle our lead was playing a zombie, careful thought was given to the make up and some shredding and ripping of the clothing for cinematic effect.

Location was Kay Park in Kilmarnock, the team worked together to transport equipment and find the perfect secluded spot for filming by the duck pond. Careful planning of the shots by Niamh the Director and the group under the guidance of tutor Doug King.

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Behind the scenes footage:

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