Vintage Costume Workshops – Meet Your Tutor!

Thu 08th January 2015

With the dates for both the 10 week Vintage Costume Workshop and the intensive 2 day course fast approaching we thought we’d introduce you to your lovely tutor…


Name: Socks Rolland

Age: 25

Occupation: Costume Designer/Tutor at
Impact Arts. Costume props & puppet maker. Barbie fanatic.

About me…

It all began
whilst watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the musical ‘Top Hat’. I
immediately fell in love with their effortless style, humour and above all
dancing. From that moment, I decided I wanted to dance like Fred and Ginger. I
insisted on going to ballet and tap lessons (thanks Mum!) only to realise a few
years later that my true love of theatre, design and backstage work.

From an
early age I was also a Barbie fanatic! As I played, I grew more interested in
her fashion choices and (sometimes) fashion faux-pas. Though I was born in
England, I was inspired by a holiday to Edinburgh where I became familiar with different
tartans and traditional Scottish dress. I started to design a new collection for my
Barbie. From that point on – I was adamant I would become a costume designer.
20 years later, I still watch Fred and rejoice upon receiving the newest Barbie
for Christmas!

Sewing is an
incredible skill to have, whether you are mending a well-worn dress, or
creating a beautiful masterpiece to wear to your friends wedding. Not only can
you be the envy of everyone when you waltz in the room wearing something
amazing and hand crafted, but you can be proud of the skills you have to have
make such a glorious piece of kit.

On the Vintage
Costume Workshops we will start with the basics of hand sewing, then move onto
the sewing machine. Don’t worry if you are new to the world of stitch – or
equally, if you are a master of French seams – this course has something for
everyone! I will take you through a brief history of fashion and design, whilst
assisting you in designing your very own vintage inspired costume pieces.

Depending on
which course you choose (Intensive 2 days or 10 weeks), you will have 2-6
pieces to take home as well as the patterns, sketchbooks and know-how to make
them again. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded and vintage obsessed
people, learn something new, and eat cake!

forward to meeting you all,

Socks x

Socks has been adding inspirational images to a Pinterest board so you guys can get an idea of what you will be making! Check it our here!

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