Urban Green launch

Fri 17th June 2011

THE LAUNCH OF UBRAN GREEN – Transforming Landscapes Together

Friday 24th June. 3pm – 6pm. St Andrews Drive, Pollokshields, Glasgow.

Impact Arts is delighted to announce the launch of Urban Green, its innovative and exciting regeneration venture. As a creative social enterprise nationally recognised for unique approaches to changing and empowering lives, Impact Arts has developed this initiative that aims to transform under or unused landscapes through community engagement and creative interventions – all for the good of the local area and its residents.

In partnership with Glasgow Housing Association, Southside Housing Association and Land Engineering, Urban Green has transformed three underused green spaces at St Andrews Drive in Pollokshields, Glasgow.

Impact Arts has a long and successful track record in delivering artworks within public settings. Its methodology for public art programmes is focused on community engagement and involvement, from design stage, commissioning of artists to celebratory events. Artworks, whether they be mural work in a nursery school, custom-made street furniture or landmark sculptural pieces, have the potential to transform local environments and change the way people feel about themselves and their communities. Regeneration with local participation touches and enriches community life.

In Pollokshields, there has been an ongoing consultation process involving local people, residents, groups and schools to design dynamic spaces that meet the community’s needs, allowing local residents to re-engage with the space. The result is a new community garden, a community space for festivals and events, and an art space populated with works created by pupils at Bellahouston Academy from designs and ideas submitted by the whole community. St Andrews Drive has been transformed into a beautiful and inspiring place for the whole community to appreciate and celebrate together. This regeneration encourages positive activities, improving the overall health, well-being and lives of the residents, as well as those simply passing through.

Impact Arts is committed to engaging with more local communities across Scotland and beyond through its Urban Green programme. This can be an independent activity or fit within the larger regeneration of an area, it can be a high impact explosion of semi permanent works or a long-term community commitment and change. It is a tailored service for each community with the community need always at its heart. Through engaging in quality communication consultation, having access to environmental expertise and an artistic vision, communities can permanently transform their environments for the better.

Quote from Glasgow Housing Association “We are delighted to have funded the first Urban Green in Glasgow, transforming 3 underused Greenspaces in Pollokshields into community assets”

Urban Green, St Andrews Drive

In November 2010 Impact Arts began the Urban Green project in Glasgow at St Andrew’s Drive, Pollokshields. The project is funded by Glasgow Housing Association. Between November 2010 and March 2011 Impact Arts delivered consultation sessions and developed designs. It has engaged the following groups in a series of open meetings, consultation and design sessions:

Glendale Primary School

Bellahouston Academy School

The Nan McKay Hall

Pollokshields LHO management committee

Local residents and businesses (through a site open day)

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