Turner Surprise

Thu 12th November 2015

turner turner2

Last week, the Craft Café Govan members went on a trip to Tramway to view the Turner prize exhibition. They received a tour and talk about each of the nominees, followed by an art workshop.

The work on display provoked some interesting thoughts:

“I loved it, seeing the variety of different artwork, and learning new things from them. I liked everything but particularly the live opera performance (by Janice Kerbel) was powerful. It shows all the different ideas people have and then make into art, it then gives me ideas on how to make my own thing.” Frank

“When I saw the pictures in the papers and on the news I did not see the point in it, but then having it explained helped me to understand the reasons behind. I gave more thought to the work, how the chairs were placed (Nicole Wermers) – some on their own and to the side or grouped together, the quality of fabrics and the meaning in that. I do feel it is not for everyday people though, and its in a bit of a bubble of its own.” Ruby

*Photos by Ian Watson

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