The progress so far in Glasgow

Fri 12th July 2019

Over fifty young people from all across the city have been dancing, acting, singing, painting and filming in an action-filled three weeks of the CashBack to the Future programme. Week three of the project has seen each of the groups flourish.


The digital art group have already got to grips with Photoshop and video editing software. Using a green-screen, a new crop of digital artists has created wonderful and bizarre short films and GIFs that you can check out in their own Instagram page: digital_is_cool. They have also been working on animations and gained experience using photo and video editing software. Combining attention to detail and drawing skills with the new digital art techniques, these animations are highly professional and will make you think again about your ideas about Scotland’s heritage.



The visual arts team is a packed room of budding artists, eager to hone their skills. We have seen some amazing prints, portraiture and an incredible landscape painting inspired by the wilderness of Scotland. The visual artists have worked with the romantic visions of Scotland’s landscape and created their own large scale paintings. A particular highlight has been the paintings inspired by agate (Scottish pebble) which was on display at the museum.



The young people participating in the performance group have been working on movement and performance techniques as well as building their own puppets. They have also created a massive Nessie, devising and rehearsing a performance for the showcase. The level of work coming out of the performance studio has been immense and based on what we’ve seen so far, their performance will be show stopping.



Working close to the Glasgow group’s music studio has been a joy, with bursts of song floating through the air. In the first weeks the young people of the music group were able to create a wonderful medley of songs and perform it. Their ability to create, rehearse and perform in such a short space of time is incredible. In week three, the young Glasgow musicians have been focusing on their song-writing. Working together they have got strong lyrics and some lovely melodies and will showcase their creative skills on the illustrious Barrowland’s stage on Thursday.



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Cashback to the Future is funded by the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities initiative, which backs projects supporting disadvantaged young people.

CashBack to the Future is supported by National Museums Scotland through funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Kick the Dust programme.

In North Ayrshire, CashBack to the Future is supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Young Roots Fund.

A special thanks to our community partners, Glasgow Kelvin College, National Museum of Scotland, Ayrshire College, and Tannahill Centre.

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