The progress so far in Ayrshire

Mon 15th July 2019

Nestled away in Ayrshire College’s Kilmarnock Campus, our fantastic band of East Ayrshire young people have been produced their stop motion animation, made mythical creatures out of willow and papier mache, and did some script writing. Young people had a chance to visit the National Museum of Scotland and members of the group got to hold a replica Jacobite shield! The East Ayrshire group has also been filming their own television show “Supernatural Scotland”, segment for “KTVN” (Killie television network) in Dean Castle Country Park. Everyone had a key role from camera, sound and acting to puppet masters! They have filmed bound-to-be-classic TV segments such as Bobby McRoss (a Scottish Bob Ross spoof show), finished their willow mythical creatures and getting back into heraldry themed printmaking!



The North Ayrshire performance and visual arts groups started off the programme with costume design, script writing, character development and set installation design. The group has been expanding their understanding of materials by exploring large-scale installations using cardboard, light projections and coloured tapes. Playing off of stereotypes of Scotland, vintage postcards and archival images, the group have made collages which adopt a DIY-zine style and tone. A first field trip to the Maritime Museum sparked ideas for potential projects involving local seaside heritage.



Week three in Irvine has seen the young people jump right into production mode! Since friendships have formed and there is a wide array of skills available across the Performance and Visual Arts groups, young people from North Ayrshire have decided to work as one big collaborative group. Participants made plaster casts, ink paintings, DIY screenprints, zines, large scale backdrops, a scored play, piano music, dance choreography, badges, creative writing and comical costumes. A set of sails are being created – responding to their experiences with the Maritime Museum – and over the next few days the group will have a finished zine which reveals their take on ‘Wild and Majestic’. The group have been out and about in the town, scouring charity shops for materials and hosting a pop-up event in Rivergate Shopping Centre to showcase their work. The group are planning to gift copies of their zines to the Townhouse’s small sharing library.





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Cashback to the Future is funded by the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities initiative, which backs projects supporting disadvantaged young people.

CashBack to the Future is supported by National Museums Scotland through funding from National Lottery Heritage Funds Kick the Dust programme.

In North Ayrshire, CashBack to the Future is supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Young Roots Fund.

A special thanks to our community partners, Glasgow Kelvin College, National Museum of Scotland, Ayrshire College, and Tannahill Centre.

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