The Music and Car Door Challenges

Fri 16th September 2016

The Car Door Challenge Week took a look at the work of street artists ‘Banksy’, and Scottish spray painter ‘Rogue One’, the young people turned their attention to some very interesting canvases: Recycled car doors!

Salvaging three car doors from a local scrap yard, the group collaboratively designed three environmental images to transfer on to the car doors. With the help of Calvin, our Assistant Tutor, the group spray painted their awesome designs on to the dead car doors, and reincarnated them into vibrant pieces of installation art.

The Music Challenge Week asked the young people to translate some of the young peoples thoughts and ideas about the environment which have been discussed throughout the project we decided to get environmental musician Will Tomson in to help document these through music. He inspired the group to make original music focused on environmental issues. Discussing various problems the earth is currently facing, such as land fill and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The young people wasted no time in penning lyrics and sharing their concern for these issues.

The Factory was alive with the sound of keyboards, electric guitars, guiros and even singing from the group! With the help of Will, the young people unleashed their inner musicians as they recorded their live music sessions, and were taught to warp percussive sounds, add effects and layer in order to make an amazing body of music. We played their songs on the day of the showcase to create ambience.

Be sure to listen out for the hit singles ‘Roots and Toes’, and ‘Plastic Soup’ being played on a radio station near you!

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