The Final Showcase!

Sat 28th July 2018

Paisley Abbey was home to the Grand Finale of Cashback to the Future, culminating the efforts of our young people from across Scotland into one spectacular showcase!

The young participants 4 weeks of creative effort was given a brilliant send off with music, drama, comedy, poetry, visual art, digital art, sculpture and illustration all at home in the prestigious Paisley Abbey.

Each area of Cashback to the Future; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paisley, Irvine and Kilmarnock all got a time to shine over the 2 hour showcase. Each brought something different and very special to each of their performances.

Glasgow brought a combination of digital and drama with their short film and stage play performance of Who We Were, a post-apocalyptic tale of the last humans on earth.

Paisley created a fun live performance with video, music and puppetry telling the story of Impact Arts trying to find themes for their next project (very apt!).

Kilmarnock and Irvine went all out with drum solos, dance and music, with a very touching cover of All of You with a solo interpretive dance. We had comedy. We had a personal poem. We even had a breakdancing film from one of the participants in Irvine entirely shot and performed by the young people!

Edinburgh finished the show on a high, the music group performing reinterpretations of dance music classics – even handing out glowsticks and encouraging everyone to rave at the front of the stage. It was an energetic finish to the showcase and it was great to see all our young people coming together as one in the end.

It’s been a fantastic 4 weeks!

All of the participants outside Paisley Abbey

Audience looking onto paisley abbey stage

CMP's in attendance

Playing bass guitar




Art on display

From the audience, looking at a participant

From the audience, looking at a participant


Young person very much enjoying the show

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