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Bringing joy to later years

At Impact Arts, we believe that getting older is a time for celebration, for learning new skills, making new friends and having the best and most enjoyable life you can!

Our successful Craft Café projects are based on choice, kindness, friendship and peer support. We will help you to learn new skills, develop friendships, set goals and increase your engagement with local support services when required.

Using art and creativity as our tools, we deliver workshops led by a qualified artist and a Wellbeing Support Worker who can help should you be feeling isolated or lonely and can support you with any health & wellbeing concerns.

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How it works

Everyone that comes to our Craft Café is a member, and everything we do is guided by and informed by our members.  It is our members that decide what we do and when we do it.  Rooms are set-up so that a range of activities are offered so suit everyone’s tastes.  Some members choose to develop existing skills; others may never have thought of being creative before and are keen to learn something new. 

To date we have covered a wide range of activities including painting, embroidery, knitting, furniture upcycling, wood pyrography, photography, sewing, soap making, creative writing… the range is endless and if there is something you would like to try, then let us know as we want to ensure that there is something for everyone!

Many of our members like to create work that supports local charities, or that focuses on a hot topic (such as climate change) or a matter of importance to them.  You may have seen the work members created in response to COP 26; or visited one of their curated exhibitions in the Tramway or Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens.

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Discover Bernadette’s Story at Craft Cafe

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