Songs from the Coast

Wed 05th July 2017

Lyrics written by the participant

Gathered at a viewpoint area above the beach, the Ayshire music group led by Finn Le Marinel considered their peaceful and thoughful surroundings for song writing inspiration.


Word associations influenced by the coastline were considered individually and then as groups this was combined to form the basis of initial song lyrics.

The next stage was to consider chord progression with acoustic guitars and steadily the the initial draft song came to fruition.

Lyrics written by the particpant

‘The wind is drifting past us while the sea is waving and the sun is shining bright and beautiful and the young are raving’

Lyrics written by the participant

‘The ocean is sparkling and glistening, the waves are flowing as everyone is listening, the wind is a nice summer breeze, there is also a boat out on the seas’

The emphasis here is a thought provoking, experimental approach with no need for a final fully finished song – just an initial explorative workshop on songwriting.

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