Song Writing Workshop

Tue 11th July 2017

Young person playing a ukulele

Drawing on the word association and song writing inspiration from the Coastal activity. The objective of this workshop was to firstly consider lyrics in more depth.

The group were given two songs to listen to a song by Bon Iver whose metaphorical lyrics allowed the listener to interpret and consider what the lyrics meant to them. This was in start contrast to the second song they listened to by Earl Sweatshirt which was a hip hop track where the storytelling was very direct and left less room for interpretation.

Further exploring their approach to songwriting and the importance of lyrics, one of the young people had an idea on a method to write a song. Requesting books her thoughts were each person should flick through the pages until the group said stop, when their finger would then land upon a word.

Each word worked as inspiration and was mind mapped in detail in order to form the basis of the lyrics.

The instrumental groups arranged the music and was then worked out collaboratively to compose the song.

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