Scottish Heritage Group Discussion

Wed 12th July 2017

Young people discussing heritage

Heritage? What does that word conjure up for you?

We asked our Performance group gather is the National Museum of Scotland Auditorium to brain storm this word in the context of Scottish Heritage.

Led by tutor Hazel Angus, the list of what Scottish Heritage meant to them was vast from the serious issues such as Scottish politics, referendums and potential Independence to the controversial ongoing derby of Hibs v’s Heart.

Obviously there could not be a conversation about Scottish heritage in the nation’s capital without a reference to those traditional stereotypical things such as Tartan, Haggis, Whiskey… you get the idea!

The interesting references to we are a nation of inventors, sparked a lively interaction amongst the young people with one saying he felt ‘a real sense of pride to be Scottish’.

Known in the literary world for Scotland’s stand out contribution to Poetry and Philosophy.

The continual rise and demise of Andy Murray depending if he wins or loses. Wins he is British loses he is Scottish across the media. He’s oor boy and he’s always a winner in our eyes!

In their groups or two’s and three’s mind maps and lists were created prior to and during the lively debate and this break out session will form the initial ideas for the end showcase.

Young people discussing heritage

Young people discussing heritage

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