Scottish Canals: Gathering Inspiration

Fri 14th July 2017

Scottish Canals are a a huge inspiration to the Glasgow project, partially funding the project and positioned very close to our Glue Factory venue. All creative groups met to explore the canals in the city sunshine.

The Digital Arts group collected research and visual inspiration from the canal, collecting found objects, using the tripods to photograph and shooting film. This is all in preparation for a week 2 workshop where this collected information will be used to explore ideas further and experiment.

Music explored ambient sounds of the canals by recording on devices to be able to take back to the studio. Experimentaion around the canal with guitars, small drums and tambourines to create sounds that are reminiscent of their surroundings.

Visual Arts brief was to collect inspiration and decide what may be interesting to create work from, starting with photographing and finding areas to sit and draw, using mixed mediums to explore colour, textures, taking rubbings, collecting objects.

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