Read Craft Cafe Govan members’ recipes for environmentally-friendly cleaning products!

Mon 27th May 2019

Older people attending Impact Arts’ Craft Café workshops in Govan have been making a number of recipes for environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Part of a project they were working on earlier this year, the group have created laundry powder and multi-purpose cleaner using ingredients like white vinegar and soda crystals.

The project arose from
conversations between the members about the natural cleaning products their
families used in their youth, how good they were and how many of them still use
them now.

They decided to develop this interest and researched and trialed a
number of recipes, before creating a ‘recipe’ sheet, giving
some background information on natural ingredients followed by the recipes. The
graphics for these were also designed by the members.

We are delighted to share
them with you! Click here to access the PDF.

The aim of the project was to cut down on harsh chemicals and plastic waste while also cutting down costs.

For more about our Craft Cafe workshops, visit the older people’s work section of our website.

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