Creative Connections

Creative Connections

Creative Connections is an innovative programme that engages secondary pupils who are experiencing difficulty or declining to engage in mainstream education. Piloted in the East End of Glasgow in 2015 the programme is proven to dramatically increase pupil engagement with education.

Our experience tells us that school refusers are often those experiencing extreme social anxiety which in some cases is as a result of bullying or those engaging in anti-social behaviour. Creative Connections has been designed in response to these challenges and aims to build confidence and ignite an interest in learning as a result of working in small peer groups.

Ages: 12-16
Not open for referrals

We are able to work with schools to identify young people who are not engaging in education or are at risk of being excluded from school and particularly where there are major contributors of turning to crime and antisocial behaviour. Furthermore, through our existing relationships with Children Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and Throughcare we are able to engage with young people who may have had adverse experiences in their formative years.
Through the project, participants will:-

  • Engage in an alternative curriculum designed to reach out and -reconnect with low and non-attenders
  • Build confidence, core skills and early stage employability & enterprise skills
  • Gain vital accreditation
  • Overcome obstacles and identify opportunities for positive progressions beyond school