Art Wise

Art Wise

Running in North Ayrshire & Falkirk and Renfrewshire, Art Wise aims to help families meet their individual needs, to thrive and to stay together. Providing parents/carers with therapeutic and creative support to better understand their child(ren’s) behaviour, develop tools to connect, communicate and support their children to identify their own needs and coping strategies using art and creativity.

Working with our qualified Art Therapist and Wellbeing Support Worker through a mix of parents/carer sessions and whole family creative play sessions you will be able to connect with other parents, access peer support, and develop your local support networks by linking in with other local organisations which can support other aspects of family life e.g. benefits, welfare, food security, relationship support, nutrition etc.

The programme will run in 10 week blocks, with follow up sessions.

  • Wednesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm
  • Gallowhill Community Centre, Netherhill Road, Paisley PA3 4SF


This programme is funded by the Whole Family Wellbeing fund.

North Ayrshire, Falkirk & Renfrewshire
Ages: Parents
On-going recruitment

“I feel like I was a drain with a giant hair ball, and you’ve come along and dislodged some of it. You’ve started to untangle the hair ball.”

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To be eligible for Art Wise, parents/carers must be one of the following;

  • Mother under 25 years old
  • Minority ethnic
  • Lone parent
  • 3+ children
  • Disabled

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