Personal Songwriting

Wed 26th July 2017

The Glasgow music group based at the Glue Factory , experimented with an activity led by Finn LeMarinel . Everyone had a instrument and someone in the group played the role of a ‘conducter’ the conductor has the power to control how loud or fast the group plays using hand gestures.

Everyone in the group has to pay attention to the conductor as they might increase the volume gradually or maybe select an individual and get them to play louder or softer while the rest the group stays the same volume. The idea of the exercise is to work on the groups abilty to focus on a task and work together. It also has the advantage of starting to develop a music language that does not require words.

A songwriting exercise followed. The group passed around a mind map to gather information. In this case the question was ‘something you like’. Then they started to have a more general conversation which lead to some really interesting stories from the group about why they like certain things. For the last stage the group continued to work collaboratively to write lyrics and work out music that expressed the things they had learned about each other throughout the process.

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