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How we listen

Across all our work we have a commitment to listening to, involving and co-designing with participants. We believe that our work is stronger, provides better opportunities and outcomes, and is more fun when the participant voice is put at its centre.

We achieve this powerful feedback loop as a result of focus groups; surveys; on-going evaluations and more. However, in order to amplify and empower the user voice we have two steering groups who help us identify priorities, areas for change and help us shape up future opportunities. These Steering Groups also act as sounding boards on vital areas such as marketing and publicity, project content and more.

Older People’s Steering Group

Comprising of members from our Craft Café groups, this vital steering group helps shape and inform the work we deliver for the over 60’s, affected by social isolation and long term health conditions. Established in 2021 the group has worked with Impact Arts on a wide variety of occasions, whether this be in relation to our premises, our website, priorities for delivery during COVID-19 and beyond.

We are hugely grateful to this effervescent and enthusiastic group whose feedback and learning heavily informed how we engaged with our Craft Café members during the period of lockdown during Covid-19 pandemic. We learnt that whilst many were turning to digital tools, our members were less comfortable in this space, needed regular phone contact, ongoing contact with each other, resource packs, newsletters and more.

We continue to work with the steering group to help shape our work with older people as a whole.