We believe that we can achieve more in partnership with others and that together we can better tackle inequalities and achieve social change.

Throughout our history we have consistently worked with those in the third sector; funders, public bodies, housing associations, and educational establishments to jointly create powerful economic, social and cultural benefits. We currently work with several Health and Social Care Partnerships; Housing Associations and Local Authorities to bring positive outcomes for the communities and individuals they serve.  Our partnerships span the long-term to more short, sharp interventions.  The theme across all is that we seek to bring a voice to the marginalised and the best possible outcomes to those who may not engage with more traditional techniques or programmes.  

Strong evidence recognises that creative engagement can achieve significant impact and add value in various different settings.  All our partnership work is unique, and we will work closely with you to deliver high-quality services that meet your needs and those you work with.  Helping you to achieve your goals of enhancing your own proposed delivery and programmes. 

For more about the type of work we can support you with please get in touch or visit the HOW WE CAN HELP

Why creative engagement works Image

Why creative engagement works

Working Across Scotland

Impact Arts uses creative engagement as a ‘hook’ from which to establish relationships of trust. This provides an opportunity for people & communities to share their often hidden feelings, vulnerabilities, goals and aspirations. This enables us to achieve a wide variety of outcomes and achieve transformational change.   


The best partnership opportunities start with a conversation Image

The best partnership opportunities start with a conversation

We Believe That

Whether your needs relate to children & young people; older members of our community; employment; community engagement; addictions or homelessness we would love to explore these in partnership with you and talk more about how a creative approach and artist engagement could work in your context.

Current partnership opportunities Image

Current partnership opportunities

Working Together Achieves More

Impact Arts currently has partnership opportunities across a range of sectors:

  • Housing
  • Regeneration
  • Education
  • Communities

Our young people and older people projects have many opportunities for partnering with local community based organisations. We can work together on placemaking initiatives: making over green spaces, creating artworks that bring communities to life and reinterpreting rich heritage based stories.


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We’re Here to Help

We have over 25 years of experience of working with partners to re-imagine, restore and develop community spaces; produce creative signage or road markers; and create imaginative public art.  Key to our methodology is community engagement and we will always work with local residents and the community to develop a vision which will inform any commission or development.

Within each project the role of our artists is to connect with the local community and create a work with is reflective of both their wishes and any overarching themes.  Get in touch to fo find out more on how we can co-create with you and your communities.

Partner with us

Got any questions?

We would love to hear from you. To speak to a member of the Impact Arts Development Team, please contact [email protected].