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Cashback to the Future

The Final Showcase!

Paisley Abbey was home to the Grand Finale of Cashback to the Future, culminating the efforts of our young people from across Scotland into one spectacular showcase!

The young participants 4 weeks of creative effort was given a brilliant send off with music, drama, comedy, poetry, visual art, digital art, sculpture and illustration all at home in the prestigious Paisley Abbey.

A wee visit to Sassy Sarah's

Come get your roots touched up, catch up on the latest gossip and get a wee brew at Sassy Sarah's: Kilmarnock's premier salon!

Creating comedy scripts and technicolour wigs is all what Kilmarnock is about as Rachel Rostock tutors drama for our young people. Sassy Sarah is, as her name implies, the sassiest salon owner in the West of Scotland and she certainly doesn't like the scruffy looking customers coming into her shop.

Glasgow getting their heads together

Our visual artists in Glasgow made these giant decorative heads out of willow, cellophane and paper.

Check out the images of them in the making below!

Showcase Prepping in Irvine

With the big showcase tomorrow in Paisley Abbey our young people in Irvine are getting their amazing casts and sculptures ready for display!

Excitement is in the air in Irvine as the young people gathered their pieces together for display, led by Ruth Switalski the participants have been creating these super interesting sculptures - you might even recognise some from the Irvine Flow video!

Super Sculpture and Awesome Animation

In Edinburgh the creativity is flowing with animation, lovely leafy creations and the odd cloud in the sky.

The visual arts and digital groups have been sharing the space for some time and it's all heads down for our young artists as they strive to finish their pieces for the showcase in Paisley Abbey.

Music and Presentation in Paisley

The young people in Tannahill practicing for the Showcase in Paisley Abbey!

As the big day of the showcase comes ever closer the young participants at Tannahill have been practicing the music and prepping their pieces getting everything ready!

WATCH: Filmmaking in Glasgow

Our Cashback to the Future group in Glasgow are working on a post-apocalyptic film that will act as an introduction to their live performance for the grand finale on Friday. It's a combination of the Drama and Digital bringing together the young peoples disciplines into one outcome.

In this short video, Naomi, one of the Glasgow team, speaks about what she's been able to do as part of the film and acting workshops, how it has helped her build confidence and meet new people. Plus, there are some excerpts from music and visual arts workshops.

Dancing in Kilmarnock

Young people in Kilmarnock were busy practicing for the showcase on Friday in Paisley Abbey.

With beautifully choreographed dancing along with live music the young Cashback to the Future participants are sure to wow with this fantastic performance. This stunning combination of music and drama disciplines is a joy to see!

Masks and identity in Irvine

By making masks out of plaster, clay and papier-mache our participants in Irvine have been learning how to express themselves by making physical objects.

Visual arts tutor Ruth Switalski told us the young people quickly embraced the creative processes, quickly grasping the concept of the mask that we all wear in our everyday lives and creating these objects as an interpretation of these ideas. It is nice to see these young people take on these weighty subjects and create such nice art pieces.

Watch: Norman's Film

Norman is a budding filmmaker that took full advantage of Ayrshire groups trip to the beach and made his very own short film. We had a little interview with him talking about his experience of Cashback to the Future so far.

Public and Performance Art at the Meadows

Our participants got a little bit experimental with some public performance art at the meadows!

Creating a bridge between performance, public and visual art our Edinburgh Cashback to the Future young people showed real confidence and had some fun wrapping themselves in coloured thread, creating these sculptures (with a human element).

A bright idea from Edinburgh Visual Arts

The visual art group of Edinburgh have been very busy, making these amazing light box artworks! light art box purple making the art boxes

making the art boxes


Our Cashback to the Future Tutors from Paisley, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Glasgow and Edinburgh check out what will be the showcase venue for the grand finale of Cashback to the Future: Paisley Abbey!

Watch: Amazing Animation

Ross Hogg comes back to us again detailing the animation techniques he's been teaching our young participants in Edinburgh.

A full video of the young participants work will appear shortly on our social media so keep an eye out!

WATCH: Abi's Song

Listen to this beautiful song written by one of our very talented participants Abi and performed to perfection by the Cashback to the Future Paisley group.

Future chart toppers? We certainly think so.

Crafty and Creative with Nails and Wool

Nails and Wool - an unlikely but awesome pairing!

Our young people in Edinburgh made these awesome sculptures from coloured wool and nails. It's great to see our young visual artists really developing their skills!

Watch: A Lovely Day Out to the Beach

The young participants of our Irvine and Kilmarnock Cashback to the Future Groups took advantage of the beautiful summer weather and got creative on the Beach. Here's a short video of the fantastic day!

We had our visual artists making sculptures from plaster casts poured into the sand and live performances on the beach. It was a great day to get our young creatives thinking about the environment and making art in a public space!

Clay Sculptures in Paisley

Our Visual and Digital Multi-Media tutor Olivia has been leading sculptural workshops using clay.

Olivia lay down a nice big piece of plastic to make up for any mess and our young people in Tannahill got clay-ative! An imaginative bunch our young people in Paisley have been making lots of mythical creatures - perhaps an animation project is on the horizon for these young creatives?

Brush on a Stick Painting in Glasgow

Sometimes the beauty of something is in it's simplicity. The beauty of Brush on a Stick technique of painting is exactly that - painting with the brush on a long stick!

Our visual arts participants collaborated to create a striking group painting, stretching out big sections of paper on the floor and making marks with their brushes on the ends of bamboo canes.

Shaving Foam printing and pattern making in Edinburgh.

Our young people in Edinburgh got creative(ly messy) with shaving foam printing and pattern making.

Shaving foam printing is spreading out a layer of shaving foam across a flat surface adding a little food colouring or paint then spreading with a paintbrush - once you're happy, place a sheet of paper on top. It lets you create some super cool effects and get thinking about pattern and shape!

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