MIYO participants making their house a home

Thu 17th October 2019

Make It Your Own is a project run by Impact Arts helping Care
Experienced Young People to make soft furnishings and consider the interior
design of their own homes.

Moving towards independent living is a key life transition
for individuals of any age and background, but for care-experienced young
people this transition can be particularly challenging and unsettling. Care
experienced young people are more likely to struggle as they transition into
adulthood, are at greater risk of homelessness, and have difficultly accessing
the right housing options, sustaining a tenancy and ultimately making a home
for themselves.

Through the project we aim to encourage creativity and DIY
projects and help the young people realise their vision for their homes.

One young person who is part of the project in Renfrewshire
is Candice. In her first session Candice began making a canvas to hang in her living
room. One of her favourite Musicians is Prince. She looked up a photo collage
online, and used the projector to project an image of Prince onto a round
canvas. She then drew round this and painted it black.

Candice said; “Making the canvas has inspired me. It’s given
me something to focus on. Coming here gets me out the house, and I feel myself

“Sitting doing the
drawing really calms me. My support worker has said that since coming to the
project she recognises the old, happy me, rather than the me who was unwell.”

Candice has also upcycled her bedside cabinets from plain
white to a brilliant white with a spray painted paisley pattern and silver
handles. She hand cut a stencil using a craft knife and cutting mat then laid
the stencil over it and sprayed through it with spray paint.

MIYO Creative Assistant, Hannah said; “Candice has grown in confidence
since coming here as she realises what is possible to make and what she is
capable of. She is really excited about getting the furniture pieces home. It’s
been so nice getting to know Candice, she works on her projects with a lot of
focus and care. She has great original ideas.”

Participants on our MIYO project learn skills like sewing,
woodworking, upcycling, canvas art, painting, decorating and more. The
programme also includes a shopping budget plus inspiration trips.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining one of our
MIYO projects in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Edinburgh or Ayrshire then get in touch
today to find out more.

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