Meet the Team: Lauren, Art Hire Curator

Fri 14th February 2014

Lauren is another one of our Project Scotland volunteers. Starting in early November 2013, she has been working with the relaunching of Art Hire as well as helping out with The Young Gallery, the Pinterest page, and a variety of administrative work.

How has working at Impact Arts affected your life?

Since volunteering at Impact Arts, my entire outlook has changed. I’m less focused on pushing myself forward within the Arts industry, and more appreciative of the creative process and the little things I do that give me joy. Impact Arts is a great place to develop your creative and workplace skills, as ideas flow freely and there are no limitations on creative development. Since working here, I have got involved in more creative projects, both individually and on a community basis. This voluntary placement has definitely brought more joy and peace to my life.

What motivates you in your job?

I am motivated by seeing the work that I am doing having an impact on those around me, and on the wider community. As a born academic, I have spent much of my life researching and writing papers. When I finished up my Masters degree in September, I applied to Project Scotland because I really wanted to do some rewarding and inclusive work that I could see having a positive effect on the lives of others.

One of my favourite memories of working at Impact Arts was the opening of the Exploring the Senses exhibition at the Young Gallery. I had just started working here, and we worked tirelessly to get the exhibition looking good for the gallery opening, which was very challenging physically and mentally, but it was all worthwhile on the day of the opening when children and their families were able to come along and see all their beautiful work on display. There is nothing more motivating for me than seeing my hard work make other people happy, and that’s what happens when you work here.

Do you have creative interests of your own? What are they?

I have always been a very creatively-minded individual. When I was a child and young adult, I expressed this creativity through writing stories and poems, and now that I am older, I see my creativity showing up in almost everything I do. I have a passion for fashion and I like to use it to express my creativity. I take inspiration for my outfits from different time periods, styles, T.V. programmes, films, literature, EVERYTHING. I like to wear themed outfits to suit my mood and source interesting pieces from different designers, charity shops, high street stores, and the internet.

As well as being crazy about fashion and design, I also express myself creatively through regular blogging and mini projects, such as the ‘100 Happy Days’ photography project that I am currently undertaking. The idea is to take a photograph every day of one thing that makes you happy – I find this to be a very inspiring project that also helps me to stay positive.

If you could have one superpower – which one would it be and why?

As a massive history nerd, I think time travel is the only possible answer I can give to this question. I’m fascinated by different time periods and would love to be able to go back and experience them first-hand. Having studied a Masters in Victorian Literature, I have a particular interest in the Victorian period and would love to experience it, though I imagine I’d look pretty out of place running around with my pixie bob and colourful wardrobe!

When was this photo taken and why is it significant to you?

This photo was taken on my wedding day in April last year. I spent a year planning my wedding and I put so much of my (and my husband’s) personality into it. We really wanted a relaxed, fun day where all our guests felt comfortable, and I really think we achieved this, as almost a year on, people still talk about our wedding as one of the most enjoyable they have attended. I chose this photo specifically because the high energy present in it really represents the day as a whole. Everyone looks like they’re having so much fun and I smile every time I look at this photo!

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