Meet the Team: Ariana, Social Media Assistant

Wed 29th January 2014

Ariana is one of our Project Scotland volunteers. She has been with us since late October 2013, and she primarily helps out with our social media channels, including our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. She was also involved in our Young Gallery crowdfund campaign.

Describe one of your best memories from your time with the organisation.

Truth be told, I find myself struggling to single out one specific memory from my time here. It’s truly been one of the best work experiences I’ve had. It’s truly a fantastic office to work in; the people are friendly, open-minded and inspiring, and the atmosphere in the room never ceases to bring a smile to my face. From the in-house fundraisers to the showcases, from the Christmas party to the humdrum everyday routine, I always enjoy spending time here.

That being said, the office was doing a series of staff fundraisers for the Young Gallery crowdfund campaign during my very first week at Impact Arts. In the span of three days, I got to dress up for Halloween and participate in a Cakeathon, for which I baked a cheesecake. Overall, it was a great introduction to the organisation and my time here since has certainly lived up to it.

Do you have creative interests of your own? What are they?

Yes! I used to dabble a little in photography, but my main passion in life has always been writing. In the past, I’ve written everything from sad teenage poetry to song lyrics to short stories about different kinds of angels to half-finished attempts at a novella. I am currently writing (or trying to write) a young adult novel called ‘Going Home.’

If you could have one superpower – which one would it be and why?

Teleportation, without a doubt! As someone who loves to travel, I would quite enjoy the ability to go anywhere at any time. I also have family all over the world – Sweden (where I grew up), the Philippines (where I was born), Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States – and would love the chance to visit them more often than I currently can.

When was this photo taken and why is it significant to you?

This photo was taken during my graduation from Kungsholmens Gymansium in Stockholm on June 8, 2010.

In Sweden, graduating from gymnasiet (high school / upper secondary school) is a big celebration with a lot of old traditions surrounding it. This includes champagne breakfast in the park, signing each other’s caps, running out of the school building to the cheers of our families and friends and riding on the back of lorries through town.

2010 marked a great change in my life; I had recently turned 18, I graduated, I went Interrailing, and I moved to Glasgow. I chose this photo because it very much represents that year in my life, and I’m standing next to a constant source of inspiration in my life; my mother. She is my role model and my best friend, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her.

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