Meet the CashBack team: Sarah Wakeford, visual artist

Wed 13th June 2018

20 days until CashBack to the Future kicks off! It’s time to meet another of the artists who will be working with young people as part of these free workshops. We still have spaces in Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Renfrewshire – you can sign up or make a referral here on the website.

Sarah Wakeford will be our visual artist on the CashBack team in Edinburgh. Sarah, who has a degree and postrgrad diploma in Illustration, is a project artist and facilitator who splits her time between creating work in her studio and working in schools, hospitals and community settings. Her work uses a range of media to create 2D and 3D artwork that is decorative, colourful and playful, specialising in work that intertwines with nature in a fun and unusual way.

We spoke to Sarah about what young people can expect from her CashBack workshops, running at the National Museum of Scotland in July…


How are you looking forward to CashBack to the Future?

I’m looking forward to meeting my team of young people and exploring what we might be able to achieve during the project. Each participant will come with their own interests, fresh ideas and enthusiasm, which is very exciting for me as an artist.

I am looking forward to them challenging me to bring out the best in them. We will be given a great opportunity to engage with the exhibits at the National Museum of Scotland, and I’m sure they will prove to be a rich source of inspiration.


What can young people expect from your workshops?

The young people can expect a relaxed atmosphere and a playful approach. They can expect to try a variety of different techniques that are fun and colourful.


What techniques will you be looking to pass on to the group?

I think the group will enjoy light graffiti and light art techniques. I would like to teach them how they can make anything from willow – be it a giant monster or a banana. We’ll harness the power of the doodle to make anything beautiful. Most importantly, how to turn their creative ideas into reality and prepare them for an amazing showcase.


How would you encourage young people to get involved?

I would encourage young people to get involved by making it so fun that they can’t help themselves!


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