Meet the CashBack team: Elina Bry, digital artist

Thu 20th June 2019

11 days until CashBack to the Future kicks off in Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Renfrewshire – offering 12-19 year olds the chance to work over four weeks this July with an amazing creative team of artists, musicians and performers!

Bry will be leading digital workshops in Glasgow. Elina is
a multidisciplinary digital artist based in Glasgow, whose work often combines performance into photography and video work. She also has a strong passion for teaching and writing.

Elina spoke to the Impact Arts blog about what young people on CashBack can expect from her workshops.

Are you looking forward to kicking off CashBack workshops in Glasgow?

I am really exited to get
to know all the young people who are getting involve with CashBack to the
Future. Looking forward to see them use Digital Art in order to translate the
stories they want to tell. CashBack to the future is an exiting time as we are
creating a community of people which are all driven by the same thing, to learn
new skills and enjoy themselves. I can’t wait to learn from them to!


What can young people expect from your workshops?

I want to teach them ways
of looking at video in the same way as we look at photography. It’s all about
framing. A video is simply a moving photography, a moving image. Creating films
with the help of others and teaching them teamwork, without giving up their


What techniques will you be looking to pass on to the group?

We are going to get to
know PremierePro the video editing software as well as Photoshop but most
importantly getting to know how to use a camera and the art of framing. All of
these skills are important for creating a moving image.


How would you encourage young people to get involved?

The good thing about
Digital Art is that you get to choose what you want to say without having to
speak, the videos and pictures speak for themselves. Be yourself and curious in
order to find new ways of communicating your ideas. These skills are not just
technical but they are skills that will follow you all your life.


Cashback to the Future is funded by the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities initiative, which backs projects supporting disadvantaged young people. Additional funding and support comes from National Museums Scotland, the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Glasgow Kelvin College.

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