Making her house a home one step at a time

Thu 24th October 2019

Toni attends our Make It Your Own project in Glasgow and has been working hard on a canvas for her flat over the past few weeks.

Over the last few weeks Toni has created and transferred a design of Jack and Sally from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ with a Harley Quinn and Joker twist on to a canvas. At first Toni was unsure about projecting and tracing to map out the design, but once she started she really got into the painting process.

Whilst mind mapping and planning Toni has had a lot of ideas and as inspiration comes, has found it hard to make some decisions about what she wants to do with her home. Working on a canvas has been a good way help her think about themes, colour schemes, and take some time to reflect on what she wants to work on.

At the beginning Toni found it hard to engage in the sessions, she felt unsure about feeling comfortable in a new space and struggled to even attend. After 8 sessions she’s now regularly attending, more confident, trying new things, focusing on her personal development and has independently organised a role volunteering twice a week! Well done Toni!

Toni now really enjoys the sessions and said; “You encourage me to have more confidence, it’s nice to have a push to get out of bed and someone to say “you can do this!” It’s also a lot of fun.”

As well as putting across some of their own personality in their new home, the young people are learning skills that will be passed on for any personal projects they choose to try their hand at in the future.

Find out more about our Make It Your Own projects here.

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