Make it Your Own: helping sustain tenancies through creativity

Wed 24th May 2017

A new block of Make it Your Own kicked off this month in Paisley!

This is a project in partnership with Renfrewshire Council’s Housing Support service that aims to make council tenancies more sustainable through offering people the chance to take part in creative workshops.

Those moving into first time tenancies work closely with Impact Arts’ artists-in-residence to plan and design exactly what they want to do with their new homes to make it feel somewhere that is truly theirs.

Participants are given a shopping budget and are then taught a variety of creative skills that can be used to upcycle and make decorations and furnishings for the home.

After a hugely successful pilot at the beginning of this year, Impact Arts are now delivering a block of Make it Your Own for the next 9 months.

Those engaging in workshops have taken to them fantastically so far; in the last week:

  • Angela took up two sets of blinds and primed several large canvases for some statement wall art pieces, while receiving a sewing masterclass from tutor Linda
  • Rosie has also been sewing away, making a new set of cushions from scratch
  • and Eddie is hard at work on a tiled bathroom mirror

As well as putting across some of their own personality in their new home, these are skills that will be passed on for any personal projects they choose to try their hand at in the future.

For more information about the Communities portion of Impact Arts’ work, please visit this section of our website.

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