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Wed 10th February 2016

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Over the last few weeks, artists from Impact Arts have been working with secondary pupils from Greenfaulds, Cumbernauld Academy and St Maurice’s high school to explore their ideas for ‘Living Windows’ (see our earlier blog post on this) to be installed at three sites across Cumbernauld.

The pupils have been participating in lively discussions about the ‘Windows’ and the kind of public art that would encourage more local people to visit Ravenswood Local Nature Reserve, Cumbernauld Glen and St Maurice’s Pond.

In their first session, the pupils discussed public art and their likes and dislikes such as the Kelpies, murals and street art, and yarn bombing. Splitting into groups, they worked together to discuss their own ideas about what should occupy the space. There were some original ideas such as commercial food chains to attract visitors, bike sculptures made of willow, colourful unicorns and some more traditional ideas about cleaning up pond spaces and planting more trees to attract wildlife.

In the second sessions, to help develop and bring their ideas to life, the pupils collaborated on maps of the area, adding in their creative vision. Focussing on colour, scale and texture, they produced 3D pieces of work to start to formulate an answer to the question “what is a living window?”

The next phase of the project is the formation of a steering group comprised of members of the community and pupils from the schools. The group will then decide what the Living Windows will be, and the artworks will be installed by the end of April – we’re excited to see what they look like!

If you would like to get involved in the project, please contact Natalie McFadyen White on 0141 575 3001.

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