Last week of the crowdfund campaign!

Mon 25th November 2013

We are in the last
week of The Young Gallery crowdfund!

For the past month, Impact Arts has been working to crowdfund
in order to bring our Glasgow-based project The Young Gallery to 300
additional children. Based in the East End of Glasgow, it is Scotland’s first
and only space dedicated to exhibiting children’s art work. We are now in our
final week of the campaign and we need your support!

On October 21, we announced that Turner Prize nominated
artist David Shrigley is Patron of The Young Gallery. David is
passionate about supporting the Glasgow-based project, having lived and worked
in the city since gaining his Bachelors in Fine Art at the Glasgow School of
Art in 1991. In his own words:

“I became involved with The Young Gallery because I want
to give something back to the city that I live and work in. Through The Young
Gallery, Impact Arts gives a quality artistic experience to 300 children living
in the East End of Glasgow each year, and to over 1000 members of the local
community and I’m excited to be involved with such a brilliant project.

I’d like to help children in Glasgow to realise the
practical, social and emotional benefits of creating artwork and I’ll be
working with Impact Arts to help The Young Gallery fulfil its aims of
transforming lives and providing a legacy for children in the East End and
across Glasgow.”

A creative experience means more to a child’s development
than just making art. Engaging in the artistic process can help develop
communication skills, language (reading and writing), reasoning, numeracy,
physical development, knowledge and understanding, as well as imagination.
Creative endeavours are a valuable learning tool and we want to bring that
experience and that opportunity to as many children as we can.

We have a number of
different perks available to everyone who donates:

For £5, you
get a website thank you. We will post your name on our online Wall of Fame
dedicated to the people who donated to The Young Gallery!

For £10, you get
a Young Gallery art postcard depicting some of the gallery’s original artwork,
as well as the website thank you.

For £25, you get
your name painted on the actual gallery Wall of Fame, as well as the website
thank you and the Young Gallery art postcard.

For £50, you get
an invitation designed by our Patron David Shrigley to an exclusive exhibition/auction
of artwork curated by him. The exhibition will include his work as well as work
by other leading contemporary artists and will take place in the summer of
2014. You also get the website thank
you, the Young Gallery art postcard and your name on the gallery wall.

For £100, you get
a limited edition print by one of The Young Gallery’s budding young artists, as
well as a signed invitation designed
by David Shrigley to the exclusive exhibition curated by him. You also get the website thank you and your name on the gallery

For £1000, you
get the opportunity to fill the walls of your choosing (in the UK only) with artwork from our ArtHire service. For more information about ArtHire, click here.
You will also get every other perk, Including
the signed invitation to the exclusive exhibition.

Once more, our Indiegogo campaign can be found here.

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