Knight at the Castle’ wins at Creative Edinburgh Awards

Mon 14th October 2019

Impact Arts is delighted to announce that we have one the Creative Edinburgh Creativity Award,
for our project ‘Knight
at The Castle’

Impact Arts worked through an innovative, and highly
positive and dynamic partnership with Historic Environment Scotland
to deliver the Knight at the Castle project.

It was the first event of its kind at Edinburgh Castle, aiming to engage
a new audience with their national heritage in a creative way. Knight at the
Castle was a neon extravaganza that showcased young rising talent and
integrated partnerships with diverse youth organisations. Impact Arts was asked
to create original work that would be performed and exhibited at the event as
part of Scotland’s Year of the Young People celebration.

For the young people, the team of tutors, the wider Impact
Arts and Historic Environment Scotland teams, and those that attended the final
event, it was a truly unforgettable project. The setting, the history, the
content, the creative mediums, and the contributions of all those involved at
various stages of the project, all coalesced and created a positive and dynamic
synergy that resulted in a massively positive experience.

Natalie McFadyen White, Head of Delivery said; “We’re thrilled to have won the Creativity Award
for Knight at the Castle. It was a fantastic event. The young people who
participated benefitted from the experience and learned a lot about history and
culture through research and planning. They put their own modern slant on
historic events and made their own connection with heritage. All of the young
people who performed were incredibly supportive of one another and really
championed each other’s performances. Well done to everyone involved.”

We would like to thank Historic Environment Scotland for
making it possible and the creative team, lead tutors Lucy and Emily for all the work
they did with the young people.

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