#KeepGovanCrafting: Rose’s Story

Wed 21st March 2018

As part of our #KeepGovan Crafting campaign to prevent the closure of our older people’s Craft Cafe in Govan, we’re sharing stories about the service, how it has changed the lives of the members and why it is vital the service continues. This is Rose’s Story – please note, the name has been changed for confidentiality.

Rose, 76, has had a challenging life. Struggling with
physical and mental health issues, she has experienced traumatic domestic
violence, is bipolar and has experienced many years of mental health

She worked for many years in a shop and enjoyed her job.
She married, but her husband was very abusive. She was the sole financial
support for their family and her husband kept Rose locked in the house, only
allowing her out to work. Being in an extremely abusive marriage, having
suicidal thoughts, being hospitalised and given electric shock treatment took
its toll on Rose mentally, but she eventually managed to get herself and her
children into a safe house and set towards making a better life for herself.

Having been advised by her doctor to attend community groups
to keep her mental health stable, she learned of Craft Cafe Govan from a friend
and decided to give it a try. Initially she was hesitant about doing arts and
crafts – she has cataracts so can find vision blurry. But despite having
nerves, Rose was open to trying something new.



In her first six months since joining Craft Cafe in Spring
2017, Rose tried felting, painting and weaving, and also worked on
intergenerational projects with groups of local children. She has developed a
love of painting. When she attends the Craft Cafe day to day, she sits among a
group of painters and takes tips and advice from the group. She says she has
gained confidence in her art skills and says her nerves are now fine.

Rose says the key things she has gained by taking part in
art classes is the feeling that you can achieve things you would not imagine.
When she is out at the shops, on the bus or anywhere else, she has a heightened
visual awareness and appreciates things she would not have noticed before.

Rose also feels the vital part of attending Craft Café is
the company. She feels she is among her peers – many of whom have also faced
many challenges, but are there to enjoy themselves in later life. A niece and
nephew of Rose saw her recently, around six months after she joined Craft Cafe.
They noted a massive difference in her since the last time they had seen her.
Rose puts this down to the impact of the Craft Café, saying “I am better off
now then I have ever been.”

“You can concentrate
on what you are doing, you have company, it gives you routine and occupies your
day. It gives me a place to go and I don’t feel isolated.

“If I was not here I
don’t know what I would do with myself. I don’t know if I would be here. I
would be back in hospital I imagine. Being stuck at home I could not cope,
because of my past experience.

“I feel well now. I
can do things for myself and my family are happy I am here and safe.”


Craft Cafe Govan is facing closure after March 2018. We are looking to raise £12,000 to secure the service for another year. Any donations you can afford would be welcome. Visit our Crowdfunding page for all the details.

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