Impact Arts X Step Up to Net Zero

Tue 04th July 2023

Cutting Carbon Emissions

Over the course of our Step Up To Net Zero placement with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, our Coordinators Poppy & Cara were able to assess our carbon emissions in much greater detail.  We have now been able to comprehensively calculate our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, allowing us to identify areas to focus on. 

A staff travel survey was conducted in May to assist with this.  We found that approx 88% of commuting emissions at Impact Arts are produced by car travel. Given we work in locations across central Scotland, from Irvine to Polmont and Govan to the Grange, our artists and staff do often need to travel around and frequently have a range of art materials with them. With the introduction of the LEZ in Glasgow, we hope that our car travel to Glasgow is naturally likely to reduce and help us with carbon reduction. To further tackle this statistic and other significant carbon contributors, a Green Team has been established at Impact Arts to run climate awareness campaigns such as a car share campaign. We continue to deliver training and professional development opportunities for creatives living out with the major cities so that we can recruit locally wherever possible. We’re also progressing plans to get a bike rack installed at The Boardwalk and to start making use of our showers for people using active travel!

Active Travel

“Working with Impact Arts has given me the opportunity to pursue my interest in how the arts must adapt to the climate crisis. While a challenging topic, working with the team at Impact Arts has been an encouraging and empowering experience which will propel me into the next chapter. Thank you!”  


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