Impact Arts take part in an NHS Seminar on the Benefits of the Craft Café Programme

Thu 23rd August 2012

Impact Arts’ Director of Development Rachael Arnold and Business Development Manager Natalie McFayen White hosted a successful seminar today on the Craft Café programme. The Public Health Network Seminar entitled ‘Isolation and Loneliness – a Risk to Older People’s Wellbeing’ was centred around the discussion of the Craft Café model and a presentation of the findings of a recent successful social return on investment study done on the project.

Craft Café is our creative solution to reducing isolation and loneliness amongst older people. For ages 50+, Craft Café offers members a safe, social and creative environment were they can learn new skills, renew social networks and reconnect with their communities. Workshops offer a range of creative activities supported by a professional artist. Members attend for free and are encouraged to take the lead on their own learning with a constant supply of materials and access to expertise. A social entrepreneurial approach is also encouraged through selling goods at local craft sales and art exhibitions.

The seminar was well attended and a lively and interactive discussion was chaired by Impact Arts’ CEO Lynne Carr after the presentation.

The SROI evaluation has established that for every £1 invested in the programme there is a social return of £8.27. Craft Café is a therapeutic approach to improved health and well being and allows those isolated by age to become active members of their communities once more.

If you would like to read the full SROI report please click here. To read the summary report click here.

Impact Arts would like to thank Jacky Sands and Pauline Innes for giving us the opportunity to take part in their seminar programme.

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