Impact Arts Scoops a £10,000 Centre for Social Justice Award

Thu 05th July 2012

Impact Arts were celebrating last night having won the CSJ Award for their Fab Pad Programme, which helps young people prevent tenancy breakdown and repeat homelessness. They received the award at an impressive ceremony attended by politicians, celebrities and the media in London.

The Centre for Social Justice is a think tank established in 2004, whose mission is to put social justice at the heart of British society and to build an alliance of poverty fighting organisations in order to see a reversal of social breakdown in the UK.

Fab Pad stood out amongst over 400 entries to the awards, and after a rigorous entry process and a visit from the Centre for Social Justice team, were chosen to receive the award.

Impact Arts CEO Lynne Carr, accepted the award, and was joinedin London by Fab Pad Interior Designer Helen McVey and Creative Assistant Brian Glover.

Lynne Carr said:

‘It is brilliant to have been chosen for this award. The Fab Pad programme is a proven model of success, with a social return on investment demonstrating that for every £1 invested in the programme there is a return of £8.38. Over the years Fab Pad has empowered thousands of young people to make their houses a home and to have the Centre for Social Justice recognise the significance of what we do is wonderful. We are so pleased to be raising our profile outside of Scotland, particularly because we will be rolling out the Fab Pad model as a franchise opportunity in the coming months.’

‘Thank you to the Centre for Social Justice, and the sponsors of the awards and well done to the winners of the other six categories. I would like to say thank you and well done to the great staff team at Impact Arts who work so hard every day to make a positive difference in people’s lives.’

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