Impact Arts bring creative activities to Scottish Young Carers’ Festival 2017

Mon 07th August 2017

Last Wednesday, over 400 young carers from all over Scotland
attended the Scottish Young Carers Festival in West Linton for the opportunity to chill out, meet
other young carers and take part in some exciting arts and craft activities.

Impact Arts were there, with our artists doing tie-dye activities, bag stenciling and graffiti
canvases for bedroom walls.

The young carers taking part loved learning from
tutors Annie and Louise about different tie dye techniques and
twisting up their t-shirts to produce some interesting effects, while others experimented
with multi-coloured dip dye techniques.

The young people were so desperate for their designs to dry in time for that night’s disco
that some attempted to speed up the drying process using heaters in the dining hall.

At the graffiti table, tutors Josie and Debs demonstrated
ways the carers could express themselves in funky writing. Some wrote their favourite song lyrics, while others made gifts of loved ones’ names to take home. Bright colours were used, and our tutors were really
impressed by the diverse techniques and creativity on show.

Over at the bag printing table, Helen and Jackie demonstrated stenciling
techniques and how to blend colours. A variety of stencils were available, from floral hippy designs with feathers and nautical-themed anchors to
lovely lettering and even octopuses and lobsters. Some people even made their
own stencils to create an utterly unique effect, and participants walked away with one-of-a-kind fashion accessories.

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