Hip Hop Production

Sat 22nd July 2017

Ayrshire’s music group experimented with Hip Hop as it was a genre they are all interested in. As a group they wrote, recorded and started mixing this song over three days.

Initially everyone selected a song they personally liked to listen to and as a group they tried to analyse different aspects of the lyrics and music in those songs. By mind mapping their thoughts it enabled the young people to discuss idea’s and themes to start writing their own lyrics.

The first stage of constructing the song was the establish a chord progression, looking at different ways of using that progression on different instruments like the guitar, clarsach, ukulele, keys and marimba.

Deciding that the guitar would provide the back bone of the song and the other instruments would play off it. As lot of the songs the group liked were hip hop the group ended up with Aidan playing an old school hip hop beat on the drums throughout the piece.

Demi provided the vocals , with a rap. This started with a slide guitar riff that Brodie made up. Aidan and Brodie jammed together so they could work out a drum beat then Beth and Robyn worked out their parts on the keyboard and Clarsach respectively after the guitar and drums were laid down.

After it was recorded, the group experimented when mixing the track by using reverb and delays to make it seem the instruments were recorded in different environments.

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