Govan from above: Craft Cafe members produce amazing aerial painting!

Thu 10th August 2017

Older people who attend Craft Cafe our Craft Cafe workshops in Govan have created a large and detailed aerial painting of the local area!

The members have been working together on the project over the last few months as part of a commission by partners and funders Elderpark Housing Assocation.

There are also symbols of local signficance hidden in the painting for people to discover: a unicorn (Scotland’s national animal), a ram’s head (the symbol for the Govan Weavers), Celtic designs (to represent the Govan Stones), the Glasgow Coat of Arms, and the Govan Cat – carved on a wall on Burleigh Street at Govan Cross.

The painting was presented to Shirley McKnight, Depute Chief Executive of Elderpark Housing Association, who cut the ribbon.

The painting will spend a few weeks on display at Elderpark Library before the Housing Association take it to their new building.

For more about Craft Cafe and the work it does with older people, please visit this section of our website.

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