Getting to know Impact Arts Staff; Hannah Logan

Fri 04th September 2020

Next up on; getting to know Impact Arts staff, is Hannah Logan. Hannah is a Creative Assistant for our Make It Your Own, Care Experienced programme in Renfrewshire. MIYO as it’s also known is an interior design focused project where the tutors work with Care Experienced Young
People who are moving into their first tenancy- the tutors support them to up-cycle, customise furniture and soft furnishings for their new home.

Over the last 9 years since leaving school Hannah has studied various creative courses – a print making evening class at Fourth Valley college in
Stirling and a portfolio preparation course at Glasgow
School of Art, where she tried out new techniques and made work which formed her application to art school. She completed a degree in Communication Design at GSA,
responding to lots of short briefs – which are like design tasks- spending time developing ideas and outcomes and then sharing them with the tutor and
course mates. In her last year she specialised her studies in photography.

Before Impact Arts Hannah was working as a photographer-
photographing community events, exhibitions and documenting artist’s work. She also spent time volunteering with Big Noise in Govanhill, which is a children’s orchestra
and also at Girls Rock Glasgow – a Summer camp for teens to form bands and rock

Hannah said; “I realised while studying that I enjoyed projects which told
human stories and had outcomes which served or supported communities or charity
work. I like supporting people to express themselves and connect with
their creativity- while working at Impact Art’s I’ve enjoyed working with both
young and older people.”

In her spare time, Hannah enjoys doing Lino cut printing and
ceramics as well as listening to podcasts; Creative Pep talk, and Talk Art
which is interviews with Artists, getting insight into other’s creative

Hannah spoke about her values and how they align with her work. “I value curiosity. When I’m at work I enjoy when someone has
lots of questions about a certain technique, it shows how engaged they are and
they want to understand. I think curiosity is really important in creative
practice, to keep learning and experimenting to push your work to new places.

value colour – brave and bold colours which celebrate nature and cheer you up.
I value friends and family and their love and support. I value hearing about
the creative practices of others, that can include actors, film makers,
musicians, painters and photographers – to hear about the behind the scenes/
“the making of” final outcomes, and about what inspires them, their routines
and their intentions. From their reflections I sometimes learn about other
artists which I go on to research, or get film recommendations, or I try out
their techniques and recommendations.

Hannah sees creativity and art making as a
network. Drawing her influence from areas of her life – colourful fruit and veg from her local shop, beaches from holidaying on the West coast of Scotland and conversations with her friends.

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