Getting hands-on for the Harbour Festival

Mon 21st November 2016

This week in Irvine, the Our Bright Future team have been focusing on colour and texture!

In preparation for the Illumination Festival at the Harbour on November 30th, the team have been mass producing origami like nobody’s business! Pigs, monkeys, dogs, and a huge fleet of origami boats which will set sail at the harbour side for the Festival, once spray-painted and hooked up with LED lights.

The team also visited Eglinton Park in preparation for installing their bird boxes (which are being made from fallen wood from trees in the park). The young people were encouraged to take rubbings of different natural textures they found in the environment and discuss what they would change about their environment.

Going forward, the group will be getting increasingly hands-on, building bird boxes and planting some hearty winter shrubs.

Origami boats

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