• No! All Impact Arts programmes are free for people to attend. On many programmes, we can even cover your travel costs to get there!

  • No! We will provide all art materials that you require completely free of charge.

  • We are able to provide access to free tablets and internet if you need them to take part in a virtual programme and don’t have these at home.

  • The best way is to complete the form on our website.

    If you prefer you can email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 0141 575 3001.

  • Each of our programmes runs for a different length of time, from 8 weeks to year round. Further information on each programme can be found here.

  • The range is endless! You might be beat boxing, screenprinting, sculpting, animating, drawing, filming, singing, upcycling, writing, sewing, feltmaking, DJing, playing guitar, painting a mural, weaving, photographing, acting, editing, dancing and many, many more fun creative activities.