Five Shot Shorts

Thu 13th July 2017

Using the beach and all its elements as inspiration for a short film about an inanimate objects captured on Ipads.

Led by tutor Doug King the young people chose their subject matter and filmed across a series of five shots…

Starting with an establishing shot capturing where the object is

A medium shot is closer to route where the voice over is coming from

A close up is more for intensity of the voiceover, giving a feel for the character, giving cinematic punctuation

A POV ( point of view) shot is next, what is the object looking at

Lastly an action shot, outcome of what is happening to the object showing the action, with the wide shot giving it context and humour to the ridiculous.

The shots are uploaded to IMovie and a voice is given to the object from the objects perspective, the final film has a quirky humorous feel and is edited to a final 25 seconds.

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