Do you think young people can create a better future?

Tue 03rd November 2020

Our Creative Pathways Edinburgh Group have partnered up with Edinburgh Libraries and *Scottish Book Week to look at the future and what it means to them. As part of the Creative Pathways employability project the young people put out a survey asking members of the public various questions about;

  • What they think future looks like
  • What
    would they like their local areas and the environment at large to feel/look
  • What they think about jobs of the future
  • What they think is important to focus on for the future

The survey brought on discussions around, environmental jobs, climate change, wellbeing and getting young peoples voices heard. The group began working away on characters and story lines for their comic strip, reflecting their thoughts on the future and
environmental learnings.

The comic strip has been printed on to 4 pull up banners that will be on display in library across Edinburgh. Be sure to look out for them and if you’re lucky you might be able to pick up one of their bookmarks as well!

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